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Our new Impact Sport electronic earbuds offer superior hearing protection with an impressive 29NRR: a smart option for the hunter or shooting enthusiast that refuses to compromise on safety.


Excellent hearing protection

Passive hearing protection of 29 dB; when turned on, the electronic earbuds actively listen and automatically stop sound amplification when loud impulse sounds like firearm discharges exceed 85dB.

Situational awareness

6X sound amplification enhances low-level frequencies like range commands, conversation and forest sounds; dual omni-directional, in-ear microphones allow you to identify source of sound; 9mm dynamic range speaker.

Adjustable hear-through volume

Eight different volume increments above the safe 85dB initial power-on level allow for realistic, natural hear-through in the field. Note: in continuous noise environments use passive mode for maximum continuous protection.

Longwearing comfort

Lightweight design, flexible ear hook and soft, foam ear tip allow for comfortable extended wear; quick insertion for easy on/off at the range or in the field; cord rests easily around neck to keep earbuds clean when not in use.

Long-lasting performance

200mAh lithium battery delivers 50 hours of continuous run-time for extended shooting; USB-C quick recharging time of two hours; kit includes USB-C charging cable, three pairs of foam ear tips (small, medium, large) and carrying case.

Convenient & inclusive

Foam ear tips available in multiple sizes (including S, M, L); quick insertion for easy on/off; 200mAh lithium battery provides 10-hour run-time and fast two-hour charge time; convenient carry case included.



MSRP: $147.88

Lightweight and portable for easy carrying in the field, these Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic shooting earbuds deliver excellent in-ear hearing protection and situational awareness. When turned off and used simply as shooting earplugs, the noise reduction rating is an impressive 29dB. Once turned on, the earbuds actively listen and stop sound amplification when encountering loud impulse noises that exceed 85 dB, such as gunfire. Environment awareness is ensured as the shooting earbuds feature 6X sound amplification of low-level frequencies with eight different volume settings for more natural, realistic hear-through in the field. Dual omni-directional microphones further enhance hearing by letting you know the direction from which a sound originates. Combined with the hearing override, these features make the earbuds ideal for listening for game and other forest noises while hunting. Soft, foam ear tips ensure longwearing comfort, and the flexible, moldable ear hook provides a safe, secure fit. These electronic earbuds are well-suited for weekend hunts and shooting excursions, as the 200mAh lithium battery offers 50 hours of continuous run-time and a quick two-hour recharge time. A convenient carrying case is also included which allows the entire kit to be tucked away in a pocket during downtime.




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