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•NEW From Howard Leight• Impact Sport Bluetooth

If you’ve been on the range within the past few years, you might have noticed that a good amount of shooters were wearing Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic hearing protection. Electronic ear pro has become the new standard, increasing awareness and safety. The Impact Sports have been around a while, and Howard Leight thought it was time for an evolution. Now with Bluetooth capabilities, these are the new Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth electronic earmuffs.

For 2021, engineers in the Honeywell product development team have taken this legendary performer and applied additional technologies to produce the next generation of Howard Leight over-the-ear electronic hearing protection. Building on over 30 years of continuous technological innovation, the NEW Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth® electronic earmuff retains everything customers love about Impact Sport Classic, while offering new levels of performance and functionality.

Howard Leight's NEW Impact Sport Bluetooth

If you’re a fan of the originals, fear not. These are simply an upgraded version with new features, but all of your favorites are still there. The 4-times amplification of ambient noise and 0.5-millisecond reduction of dangerous noises above 82dB will still aid your shooting adventures. For those with a lot on their mind, these maintain the four-hour auto shut-off feature. What’s new is the integration of Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This means that you can send audio to your Impact Sport Bluetooth ear pro from your favorite device. Listen to tunes while you run ‘n gun, or listen to your favorite hunting podcast while in the woods. The choice is yours. There are a few color options, as well as youth sizes.


Available colors: Brushed Bronze, 2nd Amendment, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green Passive protection: 21dB MSRP: $84 (youth), $154 (adult)

If these caught your eye (or ears), you can find the rest of the details on Howard Leight’s website. You can also get more information on these and other products by following along on social media. Give them a like or follow on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Keep your hearing protected!


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