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HOWARD LEIGHT CONSISTENTLY HAS THE BEST RANGE EYES AND EARS When it comes to safeguarding your eyes and ears, with a full line of proven products, Howard Leight has you covered on the range.

By Personal Defense World on December 21, 2020

Gun: check. Ammo: check. Target stand, targets, stapler … etc. Shooters and hunters love checklists, and they can get quite large with all the guns and gear we haul around for a day on the range. But far too often, the most essential of gear gets left out of the range bag by some. And we’re talking about eye and ear protection, a critical component to any gear list. When it comes to eye and ear pro, Howard Leight makes some of the best gear in the business.

Howard Leight Eye and Ear Protection “One thing that tends to get overlooked is our hearing and eye protection. Hearing and eyes are required all the time,” said Athlon’s Sean Utley. “I run a lot of bolt-action rifles, and I know that people tend to not wear eye protection when they’re doing bolt-actions. And I believe that all the time that’s something you need to utilize.” Impact Sport Bolt The Impact Sport Bolt electronic ear muff provides near-instant protection, in just .5 millisecond. It blocks noise reaching over 82 dB, including gun shots. Meanwhile, a digital processor amplifies ambient noise, such as range commands or conversation. It comes with built-in stereo microphones to boost ambient sound. Low-profile earcups include an indented cutout, providing better contact against the face. Three AAA batteries deliver around 150 hours of usage. The Impact Bolt retails for $90. Uvex Shooting Glasses We got a chance to use the Uvex at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. The Uvex Acadia Shooting Glasses come in several variants, including clear and multiples colors of lenses. They feature anti-fog, anti-scratch lens protection. The glasses also deliver 99.9-percent UVA/UVB protection. As shooting glasses, they meet ANSI impact standards as well. The Uvex line feature sporty, lightweight frames. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting, with retail prices around $17, you can easily add several to your range bag.


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